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4Gid provides end to end Biometric Enrollment services for large scale Identity Management projects on a turnkey basis. The enrollment services are built based on our extensive experience in designing, developing and deployment of large scale biometric projects and are specifically designed to facilitate capture of biometric and biographic data in a secure, efficient and cost effective manner. 4Gid can virtually provide every government and private sector enterprise with all the hardware, software applications and services including consultancy, project management, development, deployment, training and support required for turn-key registration and enrollment solutions.

The Biometric Enrollment Services are built around 4G’s Multi-modal biometric enrollment platform that supports a flexible and scalable architecture and is device agnostic. The platform enables easy integration of enrollment of multi biometric: Face, Fingerprint, Iris, across a wide range of biometric devices. The data stored is encrypted using PKI, making the solution secure. It is very important that high quality biometrics is captured during enrollment as it affects the accuracy of the biometric system. Inbuilt quality checks are embedded into the system to ensure feedback on quality is given to the operator in real-time.

4Gid’s Biometric Enrollment Services platform is designed for cross industry applications including Civil ID, Criminal ID, Border ID and Enterprise ID.

The various services we deliver under our Enrollment Division are:

  • Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Development of Deployment of Proof of Concept if required
  • Design and Development of Enrollment Application
  • Recruitment, Training and Certification of Enrollment Operators

4Gid has already provided enrollment services of more than 15 million residents in India’s Unique ID / Aadhaar Project.

Biometric De-duplication is at the heart of any large scale Identity Management System as it ensures that a subject is not registered more than once and ensures one subject – one ID. The de-duplication services from 4Gid are built around 4G’s Multi-modal Biometric Platform that is highly scalable, algorithm agnostic and supports a flexible architecture. The platform is built on the experience of delivery some of the world’s largest and fastest Biometric Identification and De-duplication projects. The system provides choice to the clients to from technologies and algorithms depending on the application and desired performance parameters.

The De-duplication System is capable of performing demographic de-duplication, fingerprint de-duplication, face de-duplication, Iris de-duplication and Multi modal de-duplication. The system also supports manual adjudication of matches found by the system to identify false matches if any. Biometric quality measurement before de-duplication is another most important aspect of the system that ensures a continuous improvement process by providing feedback to the enrollment agency about the quality of their data. The system is designed for continuous improvement in throughput and accuracy.

  • 4Gid has delivered services for 20 million subjects multi-modal (10 fingers, 2 Iris & face) De-duplication
  • 4Gid has delivered services for 56 million subjects Iris De-duplication
  • 4Gid has delivered services for 82 million subjects Demographic De-duplication

4Gid provides easy to use, fast and secure Biometric Authentication Services to individuals, organizations and governments. The service is provided through online authentication by verifying the identity of a user by means of advanced multi-biometric recognition of iris, face and fingerprints.

The service provides interoperability among different systems and authentication devices used. The biometric authentication enabled through the Multimodal Identity Platform of 4Gid offers high availability, reliability and security.

The benefits of authentication services provided by 4Gid are:

  • Enables the governments to confirm that citizens are “who they say they are” before delivery of benefits and services
  • Enables the governments to provide electronic benefits transfer(EBT) payments to beneficiaries
  • Enables the banks to provide foolproof authentication for their employees accessing the core banking system
  • Take the banking services through branchless banking to the doorsteps of unbanked and under banked remote areas
  • Enables the Corporates and enterprises to provide secure access

As part of Financial Inclusion, 4Gid is providing Authentication Services in various villages to open bank accounts for the rural people.

Secure, accurate and efficient data management is critical to any identity Management Project. Data management in Biometrics includes hardware compatibility, parallel processing and data synchronization. Biometric data management has its own challenges as it is about the biometric templates and the mathematical algorithms which support them. Just as much as the hardware is important, so are the databases and the data which resides in them. It all comes down to how quickly one can be verified and/or identified in just a short period of time. It can be likened to waiting in the grocery shopping line.

We never want to wait for a long time, and we don’t want to wait for a long time to be verified. But, if we are talking about something extremely gigantic like a national database such as AFIS, we need verification/identification in just one second or less, as there are literally millions and millions of biometric matches which need to be matched at virtually light speed. And then of course, the accuracy metrics then come into play. All of this becomes even more complicated when we are talking about Multimodal Biometric Solutions.

4Gid specializes in Biometric Data Management and our services include:

  • Design of the database and sizing
  • Monitoring of the flow of biometric data from the time of collection till it reaches the date centre
  • Decryption of the biometric data, assessment for quality and acceptance and rejection
  • Database Administration
  • Managing the Biometric Matching Engines and Applications
  • Routing of the results of de-duplication to the end users
  • Managing the communication between different middle ware engines and processing systems
  • Providing applications for delivery of various authentication services
  • Master Data Management
  • Providing the MIS reports as per the requirements of the end users

4Gid has expertise and extensive experience in design, development, deployment and management of large scale Identity Management Solutions and services. Having worked on various biometric technologies and delivered solutions in Civil ID, Criminal ID and Homeland Security markets, 4Gid is uniquely suited to deliver strategic consulting on Identity Management.

4Gid understands that biometric applications do not follow the “one size fits all” paradigm and provides accurate, detailed advice and analysis as per the business requirements of the customers.

4Gid specializes in providing independent consulting advice in the following areas:

  • Selection of biometric devices and technologies based on business requirement
  • Design and development of Proof of Concept and pilot studies
  • Comparative Independent Analysis of various biometric technologies
  • Scalability of biometric systems
  • Fixing the FAR and FRR thresholds based on solution requirement
  • Design of multi-modal biometric solutions
  • Architectural design of biometric systems
  • Advice on management and upgrading of biometric systems
  • Defining the performance parameters of biometric systems
  • Fine tuning of performance parameters
  • Project Management in biometrics
  • Biometric System Integration
  • Compliance of the systems with international biometric standards

As a part of financial inclusion, Bank on Wheels is a banking kiosk in a mobile van which goes to various villages as per the predetermined schedule to provide banking services to the rural areas. Bank on Wheels is an example of technical brilliance and can be made a multi modal utility vehicle for all sorts of banking transactions.

Some of the features of Bank on Wheels are:

  • Highly sophisticated power set up with 12 hours back up
  • Internet enabled sophisticated Intelligent LED TV
  • Video Conference for public with bank officials
  • Advanced Public Address System
  • Vehicle Tracking through GPRS
  • Regular Monitoring inside the van through GPRS enabled CC camera
  • Remote Immobilising of the vehicle in times of emergency
  • Strongly designed electronic safe and storage systems
  • Advanced bank schedule notification system
  • Web enabled secure bank transactions

4Gid’s Financial Inclusion Solution integrates biometric and ICT technologies to deliver mainstream banking services like savings, withdrawal, remittance, loans, insurance etc., to the marginalized sections of unbanked and under banked population in rural areas in a cost effective and secure manner.

The solution runs on handheld point of sale machines with the option of having Smart Cards, and can be integrated seamlessly with the core banking solution of Banks. 4Gid Financial Inclusion Solution is a one-stop mobile solution designed to address the issues of lack of physical and technology infrastructure, high cost of operations, secure authentication faced by the banks in rural areas and provides banking services at the customers’ door steps.

The features of 4Gid Integrated Financial Inclusion Solution are:

  • Solution runs on handheld device with or without contact/contactless smart card, biometric authentication and thermal printer with GPRS module.
  • Supports multiple banking products like savings, withdrawals, remittances and third party products like insurance, mutual funds and social security payments from governments
  • The solution is device agnostic and is interoperable across multiple biometric technologies
  • Facilitates both offline and online transactions
  • Solution can seamlessly integrate with the core banking solution of the banks with two way interface
  • Biometric enrollment application for customers and banking correspondents
  • De-duplication system before account opening
  • Configurable Smart Card Management System including card personalization, card issuance, key management and card life cycle management
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Server Side Intermediate Transaction Processing System that seamlessly integrates with core banking solutions and client solutions on handhelds.

Traditionally, access to ATMs has been controlled by possession of card and knowledge of specific information such as Personal Identification Number (PIN) or password. The major difficulty in this type of Authentication System has been the trade off between usability, memory and security. The major assumption here is that the ATM card will be in the possession of the rightful owner and that the information to activate it will be kept secret. However neither of these assumptions can be wholly relied upon.

Biometric ATM’s, the latest innovation from 4Gid, has the solution to all these problems. Biometric authentication ensures that a person is actually present rather than their cards and passwords without requiring the user to remember anything.

Banks can choose different authentication methods for their customers at their ATMs:

  • Single factor Biometric Authentication: Fingerprint, Iris
  • Multifactor Authentication: PIN combined with biometrics
  • Online or offline Authentication
  • Card less Authentication: Biometrics is combination of card and PIN

Installing ATMs in rural areas is unviable for banks due to the lower number of accounts, low volume of transactions, low value of transactions and high cost of setting up an ATM. Micro ATMs from 4Gid is a one stop solution for banks to bring ATM services to the unbanked rural areas in a secure manner.

The micro ATMs designed by us are cost effective, support vernacular language display & voice with inbuilt biometric authentication that helps the banks to achieve total financial inclusion in real terms. The Micro ATMs are Point of Sale (PoS) Devices that work with minimal power, connect to central banking servers through GPRS, thereby reducing the operational costs considerably. Our micro ATM solution enables the unbanked rural people to easily access micro banking services in a very effective manner.

The key features of 4Gid’s micro ATMs are:

  • Supports contact/contactless smart cards, biometric authentication, Thermal Printer and GPRS module for communication
  • Configurable Smart Card Management System including Card Personalization, Card Issuance, Key Management and Card Life Cycle Management
  • Supports multiple banking products and third party financial products
  • Supports both offline and online transactions
  • Supports biometric enrollment and authentication functions
  • 10 hours battery backup

Centralized Biometric Authentication Solution

Today Banks and financial Institutions are looking for solutions more than ever before to protect against identity theft, fraud and other security risks. Bank customer’s and Staff of the Bank, especially Core Banking users are exposed to risk of identity theft due to the single level authentication by ID password combination. 4Gid’s Centralized Biometric Authentication solution for core banking integrates multi biometric technologies with the existing security systems to provide multifactor authentication with the highest level of security.

The features of the solution are:

  • Client side Application for Biometric Capture and Authentication
  • Centralized Server Solution for Storage and Multi factor Authentication
  • Centralized Management Console that can integrate with different biometric devices.
  • Biometric data conforms to the ISO, NIST and UIDAI standards
  • Secure storage and transmission of data through PKI Encryption
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