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eAccess from 4Gid is Integrated Access Control System that has been specifically designed for meeting the demands of high speed identification and smart access control in highly secure premises. The system is integrated with the state of the art Iris Recognition Technology that enables real time identification in less than one second against a database of hundreds of thousands of subjects.

eAccess can be easily integrated to the existing security and access control systems of the organizations and is highly scalable without any impact on the system performance. Different levels of authorization can be provided for different individuals to control access to multiple locations and can also track the location of individuals in real-time. eAccess from 4G provides the right level of access to the right people at the right places in the right time with state of art technology for highly secure areas of Governments, Defence organizations, Airports and Private Organizations.

The essential features of eAccess are:

  • Can work in Standalone and network model
  • Inbuilt Storage: Can store excess of 100,000 user identity data and more than 100,000 Access log transactions within the unit. The capacity can be extended as per client requirements.
  • Configurable Access time duration, card reader interfaces and other inputs and outputs.
  • Inbuilt LCD Display with customizable voice guidance for real time alerts and can be used for communication within the organization. The message display and voice features support multiple languages
  • Smart Card Integration: Integration of Mifare and HID iClass Smart Card Systems into the unit with Match on Card technology.
  • Simple and easy to operate and maintain
  • Data Redundancy and Backup: The unit can retain the access transactions for a configurable period even after data is transferred to the server. This can be used to rebuild the access log database in case of server crash.
  • Inbuilt surveillance CCTV for monitoring of the movement of the people.
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