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Center of Excellence

4Gid established a Centre of Excellence at its Corporate Head Quarters with the main objective of bridging the gap between the existing isolated biometric technologies developed in labs and the expectations from the clients on end-to-end identity solutions based on biometric technologies. After a thorough R&D exercise 4Gid achieved major success by bridging this gap through the concept of Multi-modal biometric Identity platform and was able to deploy some of the world’s largest biometric deployments on this platform.

4Gid Centre of Excellence is the only biometric centre of excellence in the world to have all generations of biometric devices, all generations of algorithms over a decade up and running.

This enables 4Gid to give its customers a wide range of choice on generation of devices and can put the best suitable algorithm for optimized usage.

The major differentiating factor is that only 4Gid has the largest biometric testing database in the world with more than 100 million multi-modal (Finger, Iris & Face) biometric records which enables to test and implement large scale identity projects with ease. 4Gid Centre of Excellence is equipped with very high end dedicated servers, storage space with all security mechanisms in place and can acknowledge the best ever biometric data centre configuration in place with about 33 Intel Xeon Quad Core Dual Processor blade servers with storage capacity of more than 35 terabytes.

4Gid Centre of Excellence

4Gid Centre of Excellence is equipped for displaying the entire life cycle of identity management solutions and has a potential to showcase wide range of end-to-end demonstrations like

  • National ID, Voter ID, Public Service Delivery Infrastructure Solutions for Federal, State and Local governments.
  • Criminal ID Solutions for law enforcement agencies.
  • ePassports, Visa, Immigration and Border control solutions for federal governments.
  • Banking ID solutions for banks.
  • Enterprise ID management and Access Control solutions for corporates.

This end to end solution displays the entire life cycle of Identity Management starting with

  • Multi Biometric Enrollment Solution ( Iris, Fingerprint and Face): Collection of demographic and best quality biometric data with option of selecting any of the certified Biometric Enrollment devices
  • Solution for Encryption of the Biometric Data and transfer of data through SFTP to Central Storage Server securely
  • Quality check before De-duplication
  • Multi-modal Biometric De-duplication: Different Multi Biometric Options to identify duplicate IDs
  • Creation of Unique ID
  • Personalization solution for various document types: Plain Cards and Smart Cards, Passports, Coupons, Bank Cards, Health Cards etc.
  • Authentication Solutions during issue of cards
  • Authentication Solutions during Service Delivery: Point of Sale/ Service Solution

The research team at 4Gid’s Centre of Excellence continuously works to improve the performance of solutions in terms of quality, accuracy and matching speed of the identity management systems.

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