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Social entrepreneur and visionary, Dr. Sreeni Tripuraneni is one of India’s young and vibrant futurist and the principal architect of Identity innovation for large scale ID Programs.

Dr. Sreeni is highly respected in the corporate world owing to his passion, determination and spirit of entrepreneurship. A Vascular surgeon by training Dr. Sreeni had passion for application of high-end technologies that enable Governments to provide good governance to its citizens.

With a vision to provide good governance to the citizens, Dr. Sreeni focused in design, develop and deploy large scale identity management solutions. In many emerging countries where the benefits from public welfare schemes of governments and international bodies do not fully reach the targeted population, primarily due to duplicate and bogus identities as well as leakages in the supply chain. Billions of dollars are thus wasted, while the targeted populations continue to suffer.

Dr. Sreeni made it his mission to mitigate this set of challenges, has started 4G Identity Solutions (4Gid) a leading Identity Management Solutions Company headquartered in Hyderabad, with offices in London and Dubai, where he conceptualized, produced and successfully implemented a niche business model of identity solutions which resulted in social inclusion, ensuring good governance and streamlining the welfare schemes which resulted governments across nations save millions of dollars thereby bringing value to millions of citizens.

With unmatched enthusiasm towards nation building, Dr. Sreeni’s 4Gid had implemented various innovative solutions catering to the needs of governments in Public Service Delivery Infrastructure, Public Distribution System, Pensions, Social Welfare schemes, ePassport, eVisa, Immigration and Border Control, Voter ID, National ID and also delivered some of the world’s largest identification projects such as the World’s fastest De-duplication project , World’s Largest 1: N Real-time Identification project and the World’s Largest Biometric Identification Project – India’s UID/Aadhaar.

With committed passion to support the society, Dr. Sreeni prefers making affordable and contemporary technological solutions and change the way the current system works in the society there by benefiting a larger section of the community.

Dr. Sreeni’s contributions to the society were realized nationally and internationally and equally honored with the prestigious awards including ET Now “Leaders of Tomorrow Award” in 2011, Outstanding Entrepreneurship Award from the prestigious Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award in 2014 and ID Outstanding Achievement award from, ID World, Milan, Italy in 2010.

Download: Dr.Sreeni Tripuraneni Profile

As part of giving back to society, Dr. Sreeni started a nonprofit trust “Dr. Sreeni Tripuraneni Foundation” with the mission of “Making a difference to the bottom billion” by addressing the core issues of education, healthcare and environment for the benefit of the unreached and under privileged.

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