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World’s first Multi-Model Civil ID


The United Nations World Food Program (UNWFP) has undertaken a project on behalf of Government of Odisha to re-issue ration cards and institute new process to better manage and monitor the distribution of food grains in Rayagada district of Odisha state. The project is being carried out to strengthen the infrastructure and system of the department of Food & Civil Supplies, Government of Odisha, India by leveraging multi-modal biometrics, smart card and ICT technologies.

Solution Highlights:

  • Data digitization and integration of databases.
  • Development of demographic and multi biometric enrollment (Iris, Fingerprint and Face) application.
  • Supply of biometric capture devices.
  • Onsite enrolments of beneficiaries.
  • Multi-modal biometric de-duplication to remove duplicate and ghost identities.
  • Design, personalization and supply of smart cards.
  • Design, printing and supply of laminated cards and food coupons with security features.
  • Distribution of smart cards and food coupons against biometric authentication.
  • Procurement and deployment of Point of Sale (POS) devices at Fair Price Shops (FPS).
  • Handheld authentication solution at Fair Price Shop for distribution of commodities.
  • Design of Management Information System (MIS) for Targeted Public Distribution System.
  • Design of public website for posting details for public access.
  • Development of software, procurement and deployment of equipment for scanning of bar-coded coupons.
  • Collection and scanning of bar-coded coupons and updation of data to central MIS.
  • Maintenance of Point of Sale system.
  • Operation of MIS and public website.



  • Strengthen the infrastructure and systems of the Public Distribution System
  • Foolproof Public Service Delivery System for management and monitoring of the distribution of food grains
  • Plugging of leakages due to Identity Fraud


  • Benefits provided to excluded eligible beneficiaries
  • Transparent and Efficient delivery of commodities


  • Improved performance of Multimodal Biometric over single biometric in terms of Biometric Failure to enroll(BFTE), False Acceptance Ratio (FAR), False Rejection Ratio(FRR) and Total Cost of Ownership(TCO) of the System
  • Multimodal is the only way for building the Large Scale Identification Systems
  • Paved way for the World’s largest Civil Identification System – UID/Aadhaar project of India
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