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World’s Largest 1:N Real-time ID


Customer: Government of Andhra Pradesh, India.
Technology: Iris Recognition Technology.
Project: Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS) for delivery of subsidized food to the poor.
Objective: Real-time Identification of beneficiary across a database of 90 million while registering into the ration card beneficiary system to avoid duplicate registrations.
Database: 90 million citizens.

Solution Highlights:

  • Real-time Iris based 1: N identification system with server side response time of less than a second for 90 million resident databases.
  • Supports real-time identification across thousands of locations.
  • Enables mutations – Enrollment of new beneficiaries, splitting of families, change of address, member addition/deletion.

4Gid deployed a web-based online enrollment application for the world’s first Unique Citizen ID database for 90 million citizens of the state. This database is used to identify and authenticate a person for delivering various government services through a single system. 4G also integrated the solution with applications from the Housing Department and the Rural Development Department, among others which will help the Government in effective implementation of various welfare schemes.

4Gid also implemented the world’s fastest Iris De-duplication project for the Government of Andhra Pradesh. The project consolidated and De-duplicated the Ration Card database of 82 million citizens with Iris codes of 56 million citizens. 4Gid performed over 6.26 quadrillion (6,262,668,889,152,840) Iris matches to remove duplicate enrolments. In addition, 4Gid employed demographic match software to filter duplicate enrollments in records where no Irises were enrolled.

The results of the De-duplication have generated about 30 million survey sheets that are used by Government officials for verifying households in the state.

The main objective of this exercise was to weed out duplicate/ bogus Ration Cards estimated at about 2 million in the state. The Government saves close to $200 million every year on rice subsidy alone by weeding out bogus/ duplicate Ration Cards.



  • Effective Beneficiary Data Management system that ensures One ID for One beneficiary


  • Trust on Government Service Delivery


  • Proved scalability of Iris Recognition technology for Real-time Identification across Millions of subjects
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