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World’s Largest Civil ID

World’s Largest Civil ID Project

The world’s largest biometric identity exercise and India’s Unique ID / AADHAAR project is an initiative that would provide identification for each resident across the country and would be used primarily as the basis for efficient delivery of welfare services. It would also act as a tool for effective monitoring of various programs and schemes of the government. The Unique ID / AADHAAR number provided by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) will serve as a universal proof of identity allowing residents of India to establish their credentials anywhere in the country. 4Gid has made a significant contribution to this World’s largest social inclusion program in different aspects right from the conceptualization stage till deployment and execution.

4Gid Role:

  • Biometric Subject Matter Expert: 4Gid has provided its experience in deploying large scale multimodal biometric projects right from conceptualization, biometric technologies selection and design stage of the UID project. The success of the large scale identity projects executed by 4Gid has helped UIDAI to take a decision on inclusion of Iris Biometric in UID projects. UIDAI has published a white paper on inclusion of Iris technology in which projects of 4Gid have been referred to. 4Gid also helped UIDAI in defining and validating the biometric device specifications, vendor neutral device interface, enrolment software and enrollment processes, biometric enrollment best practices, biometric image quality parameters and accuracy limits.
  • First Proof of Concept: 4Gid developed and deployed the enrollment application for the first proof of concept of UID. 4Gid has carried out the biometric enrolment operations for the first proof of concept and worked with UIDAI in defining the enrollment process, best practices, enrollment station / centre specifications. 4Gid has also supplied biometric devices to UIDAI for Proof of Concept.
  • Biometric Solution Provider (BSP): 4Gid along with L-1 Identity Solutions and Hewlett-Packard (HP) is one of the three BSP consortiums providing De-duplication and Authentication Solutions. In the consortium led by L-1, 4Gid provided critical services & Authentication Sub-system to serve 1 million requests per hour
  • Biometric Devices: 4Gid has developed UIDAI compliant Vendor Device Manager (VDM) on Windows & Linux platforms for Iris Camera and Fingerprint Scanner to get UIDAI-STQC certification. 4Gid is a master distributor for the UIDAI-STQC Certified Biometric Devices. 4Gid is one of the leading devices supplier with more than 15,000 devices shipped.
  • Enrolment Services: 4Gid is an UIDAI Empanelled Enrollment Agency for carrying out enrollments across India and has enrolled 16 million residents.



  • Ensuring inclusive growth by providing identity to each and every resident especially to those underprivileged and poor who do not access the government services due to lack of identity
  • Remove duplicate and ghost identities to reduce leakages in the Government welfare schemes
  • Creation of platform for better delivery of services and effective governance
  • Enhance accountability and traceability of service delivery to true beneficiaries


  • Enhance Accessibility to government services and benefits especially for the poor and underprivileged residents.
  • Portable and universal identity that can be used to authenticate anytime anywhere. Useful especially for migrant labor
  • Financial inclusion for the unbanked and under banked rural masses


  • World’s largest Biometric Identification Database
  • Multimodal Biometrics is the way ahead for large scale Civil ID projects
  • Improved accuracy of de-duplication on a large scale
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